Special Events

The park hosts special events and programs throughout the year. The park’s largest annual event is Memorial Day, with hundreds of scouts and other event volunteers placing flags on each grave in the National Cemetery. In March, our annual Living History Weekend event brings living history interpreters from numerous states to the park to portray Civil War prisoners and guards. Former Prisoners of War travel to the park to attend September’s National POW/MIA Recognition Day activities. Five times each year, retired and active duty military personnel ride motorcycles from Warner Robins to raise the Avenue of Flags in the cemetery and in front of the museum. These events typically involve honoraria and travel expenses for guest speakers, refreshments and food for dignitaries and event volunteers, and rental or purchase of tents, chairs, and other event supplies.

Funds will be used to reimburse travel expenses for guest speakers, provide refreshments and food for dignitaries and event volunteers, attract special artisans (such as storytellers or artists), and rent or purchase tents, chairs, and other event supplies. The tentative schedule of proposed special events and programs for 2017 includes:
• February African-American History Month ($750)
• March Civil War Living History Weekend ($2000)
• April National Former POW Recognition Day Avenue of Flags ($100)
• April Civil War Trust “Park Day” ($100)
• May Memorial Day Events and Avenue of Flags ($2500)
• May High School service award ($500)
• July Independence Day Avenue of Flags ($100)
• September National POW/MIA Recognition Day Events and Avenue of Flags ($1500)
• November Veterans Day Avenue of Flags ($100)
• November Night Museum ($1000)
• December Wreaths Across America ($100)

Andersonville NHS is continuing to promote and enhance special events offered at the park to further engage the American public and reach new generations. These project funds will enable to the park to attract guest speakers, humanities scholars, authors, living history interpreters, professional storytellers, and others to provide a range of programs that appeal to a variety of audiences. A range of programming invites community members who may not have visited for a while to return, and also attracts new audiences to discover Andersonville NHS. Special events and guest speakers provide opportunities to explore broader themes of history and expand on our greater POW mandate. A service award to support a local high school youth who engages with the park and park events is also included. Support for these outreach efforts is critical to engage local communities, bring new visitors to the park, and cultivate future support for the park and its mission of honoring and preserving the stories of American soldiers held prisoner in Camp Sumter or other prisoner of war camps, as well as those honored dead who rest in Andersonville National Cemetery.

Cost: $ 8,750

Project Contact(s)
Jody Mays, Chief of Interpretation and Resources Management