Faces of Andersonville NHS
Highlighting the Staff

Andersonville National Historic Site employs numerous youths through a variety of programs each year. Our newest park employee is Zoe Kane-Preissing. Zoe came to Andersonville NHS from Chicago, Illinois to work with our maintenance division. Since the beginning of May, she has been helping the park gain its “Night Sky” designation by checking all man-made light sources for light pollution and conducting research for a Dark Sky program. Zoe is also assisting with the Facility Management Software System and anywhere else she is needed in the park. She applied to this position because she had “never lived in the south before or even been to Georgia and wanted something new.” Zoe would like to continue her NPS service in the future at other parks across the country. She loves the National Park Service because she gets to work in nature and believes in the meaningful work the NPS does to benefit others. She loves running, reading, cooking, and photography. She assisted with the Memorial Day event by taking pictures. She also enjoys participating on the park’s weekly trivia team. We are so happy to have Zoe on staff for six months and excited to see what she does with the Night Sky programming!