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Friends of Andersonville
Heat, humidity, afternoon showers and gnats built by Lockheed; welcome to Southwest Georgia. It, however; is still a great time to visit the National Park. Step into the cool confines of the P.O.W. Museum and come face to face with the stories and memorabilia of the men and women who sacrificed so much throughout our Nations history.

Even if you have been to the Museum before, you still haven’t seen everything; these are not static displays. The National Park Service continuously makes changes and rotates items on exhibit, so there is always something new and interesting to learn.

Memorial Day observance was breathtaking. 200 American Flags lined the avenues of the Cemetery, while small flags adorned more than 20,000 gravesites. In addition all 50 State Flags were flown at the P.O.W. Museum parking area. The Ceremony was a great tribute. The U.S. Army Maneuver of Excellence Band played, the Colors were posted and wreaths placed. Brigadier General David Lesperance, Armor School Commandant, Fort Benning gave a stirring keynote address. The weather cooperated as requested; slightly overcast with a nice breeze. Our thanks to all those who made this a great success.

OK, load up the Family, kids, grandkids, the whole lot and come to the Park. The experience will be well worth it. Remember this is YOUR National Park. See you there.